April in Paris

I know, it’s a cliche. But we really were in Paris in April. The weather was wonderful, the hotel was good, as was the food. We stayed at the Hotel Lenox on rue Delambre, in the 14th very close to the 6th. Between the Vavin and Edgar Quinet metro stops. We didn’t go nuts with the tourist routine, but we did go to Sacre Coure, Musee d’Orsey, the Eiffel Tower, and lots of walking around in various neighborhoods.

Our biggest challenges were finding gluten-free meals for Sue. We ate twice at des Si et des Mets (http://www.dessietdesmets.com/), which may be the only totally gluten-free restaurant in Paris. Good food, too. Expensive, but that’s true just about everywhere in Paris these days. It was so much nicer when the Euro was close to par with the Dollar. Oh well.

On Friday, between trips to the Eiffel Tower, we ventured out to pick up our new car. Well, ours for 30 days. It’s a short-term lease, not a rental, so the registration is actually in my name. It’s a Renault Megane Berline – 2.0l, 150hp, pocket rocket. First diesel car I’ve driven, and it really does move. Very nice car. Driving it back to the hotel that afternoon, and out of Paris the next morning was, well, interesting is as good a word as any.